Monday, September 29, 2008

A Gimpse of Liberal Fanaticism

At Salon there is a post from some uber-lib getting a case of the vapors over Sarah Palin. Her hatred is obvious in that her hatred is the topic of the letter!

Here is the header of her letter to the advice columnist on Salon:
Sarah Palin is ruining my life
I rant about her; I can't stop thinking about her; I cannot stand to look at her; I'm possessed by her!

In the body of her letter, she writes the following:

My perspective was, short of Obama being caught on video strangling his children with his own two hands, he had my vote, and thus I had no need to pay attention to all the nonsense that would occur in both campaigns prior to the election.

I find that mindset very frightening.....
To eliminate any doubt as to what caused the current fiscal crisis, here is a video showing certain elected officials fighting tooth and nail to not allow oversite of Feddy and Fannie. This video should be splashed all over the nightly news. It's very telling that it is not.

Democrats caught doing what they do best...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain

You've got to love The Onion!

Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain

More Questionable Messiah Ties

Barry O has yet another tie to the current fiscal crisis that you won't hear much about. Penny Pritzker is the Obama chief fundraiser for his campaign. She is personally responsible for the failure of Superior Bank in Chicago. The bank, under her guidance, focused primarily on sub-prime mortgages, which led inevitably to it's collapse.

....“the Superior story has a familiar ring. … Using a variety of shell companies and complex financial gimmicks, Superior’s managers and owners exaggerated the profits and financial soundness of the bank. While the company actually lost money throughout most of the ’90s, publicly it appeared to be growing remarkably fast and making unusually large profits. Under that cover, the floundering enterprise paid its owners huge dividends and provided them favorable loans and other financial deals deemed illegal by federal investigators.

Besides being at the center of a major contributing institution to our current financial mess, Ms Pritzker also hosted the Iranian Hitler, Ahmadinejad, at her NY hotel, some say 'with open arms'.

Barry has found yet another longtime aquaintance to throw under his bus.

Acorn's Out

As of this writing, the ACORN provision of the bailout plan has been scrapped.

Good start!

Now, I'd like to see Dodd and the rest of the corrupt politicians that handed us this mess be put behind bars.